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Sedna below the Waves

11 June
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i am a massage practioner, a herbalist, a reiki master, a shamanic healer, a hypnotherapist.

underground. in the woods. on the grass. eating weeds. underwater. eating seaweed. kissing birds. bare feet- hard feet. paints. inks. crayons. coconuts. metal. wire. beads. glass. beach stones. plant medicine. shamanic journeying. yoga. meditation. herbal tea. PVC. latex. vinyl. fishnets. wigs. rope. whips. belts. needles. knots. gobo. chickweed. wild lettuce. kayaks. climbing. hiking. biking. swimming. breathing underwater. talking to plants. listening to bats. following deer. dancing. singing. flying. fresh berries. hot sun. cold water. fish jumping. reading. observing. tasting. listening. just put it all in casting resin.

i want to meet someone... someone that's interested in learning, always willing and wanting to expand their minds. i want to meet someone i can learn from, and someone who might be able to learn from me. new ideas. new crafts. willing to explore new places and thoughts.